A comprehensive list of all the cities where UPSTAIRS took place over the years. If you wrote anything about it, send it, and it will be gladly published on the reviews or press page.



Nov 26Pride Arts Center ChicagoIL
Nov 25Pride Arts Center ChicagoIL
Nov 19Pride Arts Center ChicagoIL
Nov 18Pride Arts Center ChicagoIL
Nov 16Pride Arts Center ChicagoIL
Nov 12Pride Arts Center ChicagoIL
Nov 11Pride Arts Center ChicagoIL
Nov 10Pride Arts Center ChicagoIL
Nov 5Pride Arts Center ChicagoIL
Nov 4Pride Arts Center ChicagoIL
Nov 3Pride Arts Center ChicagoIL
Oct 29Pride Arts Center ChicagoIL
Oct 28Pride Arts Center ChicagoIL
Oct 27Pride Arts Center ChicagoIL
Jun 11Davidson/Valentini Theatre Los AngelesCA
Jun 10Davidson/Valentini Theatre Los AngelesCA
Jun 9Davidson/Valentini Theatre Los AngelesCA
Jun 8Davidson/Valentini Theatre Los AngelesCA
Jun 5Davidson/Valentini Theatre Los AngelesCA
Jun 4Davidson/Valentini Theatre Los AngelesCA
Jun 2Davidson/Valentini Theatre Los AngelesCA


Apr 12Cite des Arts LafayetteLA
Apr 11Cite des Arts LafayetteLA
Apr 10Cite des Arts LafayetteLA
Apr 9Cite des Arts LafayetteLA
Apr 4Cite des Arts LafayetteLA
Apr 3Cite des Arts LafayetteLA
Mar 29Cite des Arts LafayetteLA
Mar 28Cite des Arts LafayetteLA
Mar 27Cite des Arts LafayetteLA
Mar 26Cite des Arts LafayetteLA


Jun 29The Players Theatre New York CityNY
Jun 26The Players Theatre New York CityNY
Jun 21The Players Theatre New York CityNY
Jun 20The Players Theatre New York CityNY


Jul 7Bernsdall Theatre Los AngelesCA
Jul 6Bernsdall Theatre Los AngelesCA
Jun 23Cafe Istanbul New OrleansLA
Jun 22Cafe Istanbul New OrleansLA
Jun 21Cafe Istanbul New OrleansLA
Jun 20Cafe Istanbul New OrleansLA
Feb 14Metropolitan Community Church San FranciscoCA
Feb 13Pacific School of Religion BerkeleyCA
Feb 12Hillbarn Theatre Foster CityCA